Suli Media is an independent and comprehensive advertising and marketing company founded in 2012 in Sulaymaniyah.
Suli Media is managed by a group of experienced people with academic degrees and years of practice in advertising and marketing. As a result of the lack of experience and modernity in the field of advertising and marketing in Iraq, companies and business owners often face problems and obstacles in developing and improving their business market. Therefore, Suli Media seeks to fill this gap and in the years of its work it has been cooperating and coordinated for the development, openness and progress of several companies’ And institutions regardless of the political, sectarian and social backgrounds.
In addition to business and economic development, Suli Media has always considered the role and impact of advertising in the social, cultural and civilizational fields in a way that suits the social, cultural and cultural values of all the peoples of Iraq.


Suli Media is an independent and an inclusive advertising agency with a focus on media buying and marketing. Suli Media is managed by a group of professionals with years of experience in the fields of marketing and advertising. Due to the lack of proper marketing, there is an advertisement and media buying vacancy in the market, while in the developed countries, marketing agencies determine the future of other companies in the market. Suli Media is determined to fill this gap. Our goal is the success of those who think differently and serve the world whether in small ways or large ways. We take pride in the happiness that our clients feel with the work we do for them.


1. Our main goal is to make goods and services marketable as well as strengthening reputation.
2. Filling the gap of advertising and marketing as well as creating high quality advertisement.
3. Strengthening trust between deserved companies and customers through short advertisements that leave lifelong influences.
4. Offering a sample of advertising company to develop this field of working.
5. Managing small and new businesses into the greater market.
6. Offering true consultations and instructions on management.