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Who we are

Suli Media is an independent and comprehensive advertising and marketing agency founded in Slemani in 2012. We’re driven by a team of experienced professionals with academic backgrounds and years of practical expertise. We saw a gap in the Iraqi market – a lack of modern and effective advertising and marketing practices. This often left companies struggling to develop and grow. Suli Media was established to bridge that gap. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with a diverse range of companies and institutions, regardless of their political, sectarian, or social affiliations. Our goal goes beyond just business success; we believe advertising can play a powerful role in social, cultural, and overall societal progress. We strive to create impactful campaigns that resonate with the Iraqi people. Our core values guide our approach to every project. We focus on making your products and services marketable, while also strengthening your brand reputation. We create high-quality, impactful advertising that builds trust between deserving companies and their customers. We’re committed to offering exceptional consultations and guidance, helping small and new businesses navigate the complexities of the market. Ultimately, Suli Media aspires to be a leading example, fostering the growth and development of the advertising and marketing field in Iraq.